The Perfect Cornwall Garage

Whether you’re looking for storage solutions, the ideal home for your vehicles, or a garage man-cave; Windmill Construction has the skills and expertise to realize the garage of your dreams in Cornwall. When diving into Cornwall home construction, many people forget about their garage. Your garage is a great space that can serve many purposes. Our Cornwall home construction team is here to help you design and construct a garage that meets your family's needs.

Numerous Garage Possibilities 

In terms of structure, garages are relatively straightforward, mimicking the framework of a home. In terms of design, garages have a range of possibilities that are rarely ever realized. Generally, garages are more or less left as a wooden structure on top of a flat concrete floor, a big open space that is then filled with cars and storage. This is a simple and effective design, but fairly inefficient. Much of the volume of the interior space of your garage goes unexploited, and getting to your stored items can often be a nightmare.

I wanted to take a moment and express our appreciation to you and the Windmill Construction team. Renovations of any sort can be stressful but as a business owner going through renovations could have been very disruptive to business and even costly. The professionalism of your company, the positive attitude and work ethic of your staff, your flexibility of working around our store hours and the exception quality of workmanship helped to make our renovation experience a positive one. Henry, your ability to address all changes and unforeseen challenges while adhering to the schedule was key to this projects success & a balanced budget.

Martin Timmers - Ingleside Foodland

Designed For Your Needs

In this respect, Windmill Construction distinguishes itself by not simply building garages, but by designing them to meet the unique needs, wants, and expectations of you and your family. A garage meant to provide you storage ought to be built differently from one meant to allow you to work on vehicles, and one meant to do both ought to be designed to do both. Windmill will take the time to build a garage not built just for your Cornwall home, but for your life.

If you’re interested in a garage project for your home, get in touch and find out what’s possible with Windmill Construction.