5 Questions to Ask Prospective General Home Contractors

Ottawa General ContractorFinding the right provider for construction or renovation work can be a daunting task. Construction/Renovation requires technical skills, skills you aren’t likely to have, and it makes finding help difficult. There isn’t a contractor alive that won’t claim they do a good job for fair pay, so it’s the homeowners responsibility to assess the truth of that claim. Without having technical construction skills yourself, knowing how to separate the good from the bad can feel like a roll of the dice, but with the right insight it can be made easier. Consider this advice from Windmill Construction:

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Garage Project Ideas

ottawa cornwall garage buildA garage is capable of being far more than just a spot for cars and storage. With the right attention paid to design, and an awareness of the possibilities, your garage project can contribute significantly more value to your home than you might think! Find out what’s available with Windmill Construction. Read more

Why Building A Custom Home Is Cheaper Than You Think

custom home cornwallThere is a common idea that custom home building is a luxury afforded only to the affluent. Few seem know that all the benefits of a custom designed and constructed home is well within the means of even first-time home buyers. Custom home building affords considerably more opportunity, both to save and spend money. Learning how to take advantage of these opportunities to save where you want, and spend where you want, can provide the home of your dreams at the price of your dreams. Find out how to unlock the potential of custom home building with Windmill Construction.

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Save On Energy With Concrete Design

Green Homes OttawaEnergy efficiency is an important part of any custom home build, as saving the environment also means saving money. Understanding how to leverage the benefits of your home materials with carefully considered design can not only make your home a better place to live and better for the environment, but save you considerable money in the short and long term. Consider the following design ideas that can unlock the potential of ICF and slab-on-grade foundations to minimize costs and maximize value.

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Everything You Should Know About Slab On Grade

Slab-On-Grade-Windmill-Construction Have you ever been in a house that didn’t have a basement? If you’ve lived your entire life in Canada or America, chances are you haven’t. This is because we come from a long tradition of homes with basements, stretching back to times before refrigeration and heating when basements were used to store food. As technology progressed, we turned to our fridges and grocery stores for our food storage, we re-purposed our basements into rec-rooms, workshops, general storage, and trendy man caves! Our evolved history of family having basements as a standard home feature mingled basements into our culture to such an extent that we rarely ever question their necessity. Read more

The Benefits To ICF Construction In Cornwall

icf-windmill-benefitsInsulated Concrete Forms, or ICF, are a construction technology that have been around since the 1970s, and have been enjoying a steady rise in popularity as the technology has been refined and its benefits have been demonstrated. Demonstrated to be produce extremely energy-efficient buildings with a lifespan measured in centuries instead of decades, that are impermeable to moisture, cannot rot or decay, are resistant to termites, quick to build, and produce terrific acoustic properties, there are a thousand reasons to consider ICF for your next build. Read more